EHR Billing/Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

Getting behavioral health agencies paid for 25 years

For over 25 years, our proven EHR billing technology has been used by thousands of behavioral health providers to get paid faster and improve on every healthcare revenue cycle management metric.

Bill faster, get paid faster, and know status instantly

Bill daily if you like! CT|One can automatically create accurate claims from electronically signed progress notes and forward to the payor. Guarantor-specific rules, service type, and client-specific data are all part of the automated billing matrix. If there’s a payor rate change, just change that field once and all the claims get resubmitted correctly. Make denials a thing of the past!Our customers experience an average of 99.6% first time acceptance rates and 99.3% of A/R under 90 days.Plus, our analytics give you the big picture instantly.

See how much faster you are getting paid

CT|One  Revenue Cycle Management is designed to reduce your days in A/R by capturing potential errors upfront for easy reporting, ensuring accuracy of claims and automating processes to get your agency paid faster.

We offer a wide range of options for behavioral health billing and finance reporting. A/R and claims research reports (example at left) let you compare the dollars collected within a selected time period, to analyze collections trending. The aging on the date in the past can be compared to today to see how much revenue has gone up or down.

System features and what they do for you

Billing Analytics

Understand your agencies key billing performance indicators

Automated claims posting

Set it and forget it process saving tons of administrative time while gaining even more efficiency

Automated claims submission

Save your billing professionals time by eliminating administrative tasks

Track claims status

Report on accepted claims and/or rejections in an instant

Identify claim issues before submission

Complete tracking and error reporting reducing the denial rate of claims

Importing, Processing, and Reconciling Electronic Payments

Ability to easily and effectively manage your day to day business

Core Reporting

Hundreds of out-of-the box reports immediately available

Customer quote

“We saved a 500k a year because of the efficiencies the software provides… the automation features allow us to bill every day which generates consistent cash flow! We don’t see huge spikes in revenue week to week.”
David Simmons, CFO, Wayside Youth and Family Support Network – MA

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