EHR Interoperability

Connect to outside systems with the greatest of ease

From the shift to integrated care to new state requirements, change is coming fast. With CT|One you’re ready with the connectivity you need both now and in the future.

From eligibility to HIE, use connections to your advantage

Instead of being blind-sided by an unexpected eligibility problem or code change, CT|One will keep you current on each client’s insurance eligibility automatically thanks to connectivity with outside systems. Share client information with other client providers electronically and securely, for an easy transition to integrated health (including state HIE). Save time with bulk scanning.

New levels of interoperability and visibility

CT|One EHR interoperability gives you more visibility into client care, aiding in treatment outcomes and state reporting requirements. Reduce time you spend manually checking a client’s insurance eligibility, scanning documentation, or sending client information.

We offer secure connections to quickly share client information with other appropriate parties. For example, our 270/271 work log (shown at left) shows updates in the system among clients where eligibility has changed or expired, without having to have someone manually look it up or remember to check.

System features and what they do for you

State HIE connection

Ability to send information to other client providers electronically


Ability to send documentation directly from the client chart to outside recipients

Bulk scanning capabilities

Ability to use barcode technology to scan documents into multiple client records at one time

Client Eligibility

Ability to electronically verify a client’s guarantor eligibility within CT|One

Medication compliance

Real-time view of allergies and drug to drug interactions

Customer quote

“Why would agencies not use CT|One? The seamless nature of how information flows from intake, to medical record to pharmaceutical out into billing  and potential collections is the major factor why we chose and continue to use the product.”
David Simmons, CFO, Wayside Youth and Family Support Network – MA

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