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Innovative platform.
Remarkable results.

CT|One® by Remarkable Health is an Outcome Management Platform that can revolutionize the client journey and streamline your workflow.

CT | One® Behavioral Health EHR System

Create remarkable outcomes. Our EHR software opens the way.

People do remarkable things when they’re empowered to follow their life’s calling. Our electronic health records software clears the way for behavioral health and IDD providers to do what they are meant to do – help people overcome obstacles and become the best version of themselves.

Driving remarkable outcomes for nearly three decades

CT|One® was designed specifically for behavioral health, including early intervention as well as intellectual and developmental disability services. Our goal is to remove obstacles from your day-to-day and actually help you run your organization more effectively by:

Engaging clients across the entire treatment lifecycle

Simplifying progress notes

Ensuring claims get paid faster

Eliminating inefficiencies

Putting better reporting data at your fingertips

Improve your agency workflow and focus more on client outcomes

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Pesky obstacles are officially a thing of the past

With CT|One® you can say goodbye to issues like:

  • Lengthy client intake process
  • Keeping track of client eligibility
  • Problems with no shows and scheduling
  • Getting data & reports needed for program funding
  • Managing adherence to treatment plans
  • Amount of effort to satisfy an audit
  • Keeping track of state reporting requirements
  • Excessive staff time on administrative tasks
  • Lack of visibility to outcomes and what is driving results

More face time.
Less screen time.

We believe that remarkable things happen when people remove obstacles to become better versions of themselves. More than just an EHR system, we make it possible for providers to spend more time improving lives and less time on administration.

Intuitive outcomes management system

Our customer success team will support you through every step of implementation, help you improve processes, and show you how to get the most out of our easy-to-use behavioral health EHR software.

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