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Why join the Remarkable Health Innovation Program?

Remarkable Health is committed to helping our customers positively impact lives through WOW moments. We do this by using the latest technology to develop innovative products focused on removing obstacles to quality care and outcomes. The Customer Innovation Program is designed to increase our partnership with the Behavioral Health and Human Services communities while ensuring that we approach product innovation from our customer’s perspective, developing new products and features that align with their current and future needs.

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To get started, fill out the form below. We will contact you to discuss the program in more detail, answer any questions and determine who should participate from your agency.

By participating in this program, your agency will:

  • Receive open communications & early view into future products and features
  • Help shape the products based on expert advice & knowledge from your agency
  • Share your expertise and thought leadership through case studies
  • Participate in exclusive events hosted by the Remarkable Health product team
  • Meet directly with the product team on a monthly basis to provide open and honest feedback

What are the requirements to participate in this program? 

  • 5-8 hours per quarter to discuss needs, challenges, ideas, and provide open and honest feedback on new products or prototypes
  • Attend webinars, be willing to be interviewed by our product team, and complete surveys
  • Participate in at least 80% of your scheduled commits over the quarter