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Guide to a Fully Integrated EHR for I/DD Providers

With all the changes that I/DD providers have seen in recent years, the market has started to realize the need for a purpose-built EHR solution. But not just any EHR solution is going to position your organization for success…

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Value-Based Payment IT Readiness in Behavioral Health

Remarkable Health conducted a survey to unearth the status of preparation progress, workflow pain points and ongoing needs of clinicians and billing staff when shifting agency workflows to value-based payments models.

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Reasons to Choose a Behavioral Health EHR Provider

The current EHR landscape offers a broad range of vendors with solutions, which complicates selecting the right partner to suit your organization’s professional needs.

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Before You Implement – You Need a Behavioral Health EHR Implementation Roadmap

A roadmap is imperative to the success of your new EHR implementation. Plan your roadmap carefully, and reduce the risk of missing an important step in the implementation process.

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Why You Should Consider These HIPAA Compliance Best Practices

Best practices are time-tested, proven strategies to help you move toward HIPAA compliance based on the knowledge and diligence of experts. We know you’re concerned with HIPAA compliance, and these HIPAA compliance best practices can help you be more successful.

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Revenue Cycle Management for Behavioral Health: Best Practices For Increased Revenue and Improved Cash Flow

Best practices and time-tested, proven strategies help you optimize your billing process and improve your revenue cycle. These best practices can help you be more successful in making the most of your behavioral health revenue cycle management.

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Does your EHR system do everything you need?

There are many reasons why your current EHR system does not meet all of your needs, but the only solution is to consider migrating to a fully integrated behavioral health EHR system that covers the full life cycle of a client, from intake through management and treatment, billing, and reporting.

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A Guide to Choosing a Fully Integrated EHR for Behavioral Health

In this guide, we take a closer look at what you need to know to find a robust EHR solution and trusted, long-term, strategic vendor partner and ensure you get the platform you need to be successful in providing excellent client care today and in the future.

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Switching EHR Systems? How to Choose the Right EHR Provider

There are a variety of reasons it may be time to switch to a new EHR system. This guide will walk you through each step of the process from initial planning through proposal evaluation and selection.

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ehr expectations infographic

Infographic: What to expect when you invest in a complete EHR System

In the infographic, we point out efficiencies, improvements, and results that positively affect your bottom line. Also see what kind of ROI other behavioral health providers are seeing with a newly implemented, fully integrated EHR solution.

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