Selecting and Onboarding an EHR

Choosing the Right Technology to Improve Client Outcomes

Download “A Guide to Choosing a Fully Integrated EHR for Behavioral Health” today to learn more about:

-Preparing a behavioral healthcare provider or treatment center for EHR implementation and migration
-How to vet EHR vendors and recognize ones that aren’t right for your organization
-The benefits that your organization will receive by migrating to one central platform

Is your agency using multiple systems to manage an inefficient client workflow? Is your EHR vendor certified by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC)? Does their staff have a clearly defined implementation methodology to support your data transition? Does the technology offered support my organization’s cost structure?

Not all EHR solutions are created equal. Just like with any organization, health providers must be aware of what makes a worthwhile EHR vendor stand out from an inadequate one. It may seem daunting to take the first step to implement an EHR solution, but there are many benefits to adopting one for a behavioral healthcare provider.

Properly integrated EHR systems are tuned to address these concerns for behavioral healthcare providers. Taking that first step can streamline a provider’s backend processes and give healthcare professionals the time and energy to do what they do best: take care of their clients.

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