Our mission: removing obstacles to empower behavioral health agencies and their clients

Our organization is motivated by a simple idea: People do remarkable things when they’re empowered to follow their life’s calling. The Remarkable Health behavioral health EHR solution clears the way for behavioral health organizations to do what they are meant to do – help people overcome obstacles and become the best version of themselves.

The decision to choose Remarkable Health as your behavioral health EHR provider is compelling. From intake to scheduling, clinician’s notes and client care management, to billing, revenue cycle management, and analytical reporting, our behavioral health EHR solution is designed to meet or exceed your organizations needs throughout the lifecycle of a client. Our passion shows in everything we do.

Peter’s story: why we’re here and where we’re going

After 2 years of searching in which he looked at over 400 companies, Remarkable Health CEO Peter Flick fell in love. He chose ClaimTrak as the company he wanted to invest in and be part of, to fulfill his personal mission to build something of significance through behavioral health EHR software. What inspired him? ClaimTrak’s dedication, people, integrity, and 25 years of leadership, He plans to continue to improve the company’s integrated EHR system, and move it forward to create a “Provider Success Platform” for agencies in a rapidly changing BH landscape. He tells his story in this short video.

Leadership Team

remarkable health employee amber bollinger
Amber Bollinger

VP of People Operations

remarkable health employee alan ortego
Alan Ortego

Chief Technology Officer

remarkable health employee nate schnell
Nate Schnell

VP of Operations

remarkable health employee ashley dooley
Ashley Dooley

Director of Sales Operations

remarkable health employee mostafa ahmed
 Mostafa Ahmed

Chief Financial Officer

remarkable health employee dan corbin
Dan Corbin

Director of Engineering

remarkable health employee chris yakscoe
Chris Yakscoe

VP of Account Management

remarkable health employee felicia conner
 Felicia Conner

Director of Customer Success

buddy the dog

Chief Happiness Officer


Why there are so many elephants in our offices

Elephants are all about removing obstacles, and so are we. That’s why we chose an elephant as the new Remarkable Health logo. And why if you come visit, you’ll see elephants on our desks and walls throughout the building. Whether we’re on the phone providing day-to-day customer support, or developing the next great technology, it’s a reminder to each of us that we exist to help play our part in removing obstacles for our customers and their clients so they can be the best they can be.