Why Make the Switch from Paper to Software?

By December 7, 2016

There’s a certain amount of trepidation that’s understandable when behavioral health agencies think about switching from paper to electronic health records (EHR).

Here are the top 3 reasons why making the switch will benefit not only your practice, but your client’s care as well.

1. Paper records are limiting, inconsistent and inefficient. Not only is handwriting illegible, paper records are at risk of being lost or misplaced. And filling record requests is time consuming. Managing one single client takes much longer with paper than it would with an EHR system, limiting the number of clients a behavioral health organization can serve. Paper records also aren’t shareable with other computers and systems. And they do not provide structured fields that guide and ensures the gathering of consistent information which ultimately has a negative impact on other critical functions such as billing, data tracking and reporting. Paper also takes up a lot of valuable office space that could be freed up for more important activities.

2. Increase your quality of care. Electronic data is accessible anytime and anywhere, which reduces duplication and provides valuable information about treatment options, correct dosage of drugs, and much more.

3. Coordinate holistic care. It’s common for patients, particularly those with behavioral health issues, to have more than one provider. An EHR solution lets the primary care physician, the behavioral health provider, and the patient communicate effortlessly and seamlessly.

By partnering with a trusted, ONC-certified EHR system vendor, you can mitigate the risk of choosing a poor solution. A fully integrated EHR solution has the ability to lift the burden of inefficiency and burnout on your staff, improve overall business efficiency, increase revenues and position your behavioral health organization to grow and prosper in the future.

To help ease the process of researching and identifying the best possible solution, you need to read the e-Book, The Complete Guide to a Fully Integrated EHR for Behavioral Health. Not only does it outline what to look for, but it gives practical advice on what to ask vendors and how to ease the implementation process.

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