Join us and do remarkable things

People do remarkable things when they’re empowered to follow their life’s calling. This is the core idea that motivates all of us at Remarkable Health. We wake up every day excited about the opportunity to work on something bigger than ourselves because we know that together we can accomplish far more than we could as individuals. You won’t see a lot of ego here, even though we’re focused on accomplishing great things. We let our passion speak for itself through our work, and we think that says a lot about us.

If this mission inspires you, let’s talk. We’re looking for people who are passionate about removing obstacles so that the world can be a better place. Together, we’ll help our clients help more people and save lives. And we’ll have fun doing it.

Positions Available

Growth (Sales and Marketing)

VP of Product Marketing

The Vice President of Product Marketing is committed to positioning Remarkable Health as the #1 player in a new product category. As an evangelist of the product and mission of the company, this individual will identify, define, launch, and manage the product category that will drive product position and company growth, while ensuring each product we deliver creates meaningful value to our customers. Learn More


Regional Sales Representative

As the owner of an assigned sales territory, the Regional Sales Representative will work to cultivate new CT|One customers and maintain existing client relationships. This role will require leveraging data and taking a strategic approach to prioritize potential new customers, and focus on solution selling by identifying needs and current pain points. Through follow-up and diligence on market qualified leads and sales qualified opportunities, performing software demonstrations, and through strong relationship building, the Regional Sales Rep will strive to transition prospects into customers. With a six month training program and team support, the right Regional Sales Representative will be given the tools and resources to succeed in this role. Learn More

Product and Engineering

Software Developer

The Software Developer has a strong commitment to delivering the best possible customer experience through software solutions, including areas such as scalability and reusability when designing applications. Your success in this role will be found through a creative vision and technical know-how to help drive the success of our product. Learn More

UX Designer 

The UX Designer is committed to implementing software solutions that allow our product to fully compete in the behavioral health industry. In this role, your goal is to create the most effective and impactful experience for the end-user through the design and implementation of product enhancements. This is done through leveraging usability testing and various feedback measurements to gain insights into customer behavior and market needs. Learn More 

BI Developer 

The BI Developer has a strong commitment to delivering the best possible customer experience and creating solutions. This is done through your love of data. With creative vision and technical know-how, you will be in a position to drive the success of our product as you navigate the BI and analytics strategy, project planning, and product delivery. Learn More

Customer Success

Implementation Specialist

The Implementation Specialist will strive to create and maintain positive customer relationships through effective software implementation. A successful and impactful individual in this role will contribute to the larger mission of Remarkable Health of removing obstacles for our customers as they adopt and utilize our product, and act as a liaison between our product, development, and customer success teams. Learn More

Finance and Operations

Director of Finance and Accounting

The Director of Finance and Accounting will lead the Accounting, Finance and Business Operations teams in our organization. Learn More