Easily engage clients across the entire treatment lifecycle

Our robust Scheduler, Client Portal and automated notifications make client engagement fast and easy for both you and your clients.

Manage, monitor, remind, report and provide access

The CT|One EHR system allows you to streamline your intake process from referral to first appointment. Minimize no-shows with automatic reminders. Coordinate and track all scheduling for clients, staff, groups and resources. Monitor history. Fulfill reporting requirements. Enable clients to access personal information without speaking with a provider. All with total confidentiality and HIPAA compliance.

Client engagement: reminders and client portal

CT|One automated appointment reminders can text, email or phone clients about their upcoming appointments.

Via our client portal partner Edaris Health, clients can log in to a home screen (shown at left) to check their health dashboards, appointments, messages, medications, bills and more. Satisfies Meaningful Use certification.

CT|One EHR system features and what they do for you

Appointment Reminders

The ability to set up and send appointment reminders automatically through CT|One via SMS, Phone, or Email, including multiple language options

Simple reporting

Create reports for effectiveness of scheduling and client engagement so that your management team can understand metrics like no-show rates, no-shows versus cancellations, etc.

Appointment Search Tagging

Access to care, tracking of initial client appointment offered for regulatory reporting requirement

Client Portal

Access to a client patient portal for Meaningful Use, via a third-party partner Edaris Health

Easy monitoring

Consolidated view of all client appointment history to assist prescribers with treatment compliance

Customer quote

“When I think of MHA at the pen and paper stage and when I think of us at this stage, there’s no way we could do our jobs at this day in age without CT|One.”
Whitney Clouse, Billing, Mental Health Association of South Central Kansas – KS

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