Mobile Companion App

Care Anywhere.

Built to work with or without an internet connection and sync with CT|One, the mobile companion app enables clinicians in the field to create more Wow! moments for their clients.

Total Offline Capability.

The Mobile Companion App works with or without an internet connection, enabling case managers and clinicians to deliver care in even the most remote environments. Data automatically syncs back to CT|One once a network connection is re-established.

mobile companion agenda experience

Offline Capability

Retain your work and eliminate duplicate data entry! The Mobile Companion is built to support the location of any clinician’s service setting by automatically saving draft and signed notes to your device and syncing them immediately with CT|One without any interruption to your work day.

Mobile App Features

appointment reminder icon

Agenda Of Appointments

See a detailed weekly agenda of upcoming and historical appointments with your clients, and create appointments on the fly. Integration with native map applications will get you to the correct address every time.

easy progress notes icon

View & Create Progress Notes

Create new progress notes and view existing ones with or without an internet connection. Mobile companion will automatically sync new notes when you get back online and store drafts for completion later. Supports multiple progress note types.

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Client Demographics & Diagnosis

Access client demographic information including address, phone number, emergency contact and view the client’s diagnosis on file.

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HIPAA Compliant & Fully Secure

Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and biometric enabled 2-factor authentication ensures client data is safe and secure.

Built With Smart Transcription.

A Whole New Way To Write Clinically Sound Progress Notes On The Go.

The Mobile Companion is designed with both veteran and new case managers and clinicians in mind. Leveraging the S.O.A.P. progress note format, smart transcription delivers a more structured note that assists clinicians and case managers with the type of content that should be included in each note.

mobile companion experience

Automatic, Editable Progress Notes

Configurable tags are automatically transcribed into clinically sound sentences, saving the clinician time while adding structure to the note. The end transcription is completely editable and leaves room for the user to add evidence-based observations to ensure each note is both accurate and unique.

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